Carole Serny founded SERNY ORFEVRE in October 2019. She works alone, on a artisanal scale but regularly welcomes in her workshop interns (students or professionals) and independent artisans (in support of project

Taking advantage of a classical training in crafts at the Boulle School and professional experience in the design and contemporary furniture sectors, Carole claims an intuitive approach to metalworking, Ambivalent material both solar and glacial…

His pieces play on the duality between a minimalist aesthetic contrasting with chiseled decorations and a return to assumed ornamentation. The motif tells a story, it brings a richness, an additional depth to the object.

His artistic approach stems from his personal inspirations and tastes: art, fashion, nature, the animal world, human societies, traditions and know-how. All these themes are recurring topics of reflection in his work



The master punch is a personal punch, struck by the master silversmith, to guarantee an object or jewel from his workshop. This mark is mandatory for all works of precious metals with legal titles and must be registe

Once struck, the responsibility of the master is thus incurred in case of fraud (in particular fraud on the composition of the material), and the object is certified as coming from this goldsmith’s house.

This tool generally takes the form of a diamond in which the initials and the symbol chosen by the craftsman coexist. Inspired by her craft diploma project at Boulle School, Carole naturally chose the rabbit as her symbol.


4 chemin du Courtet

34110 Vic-la-Gardiole


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